For years, BDG展示了一些最好的石材经销商, 制造商, showrooms, 以及波士顿及其他地区的恢复性服务公司. Their success stems from a rich family history and/or dedication to their trade. However, the contemporary women in stone – those who are largely responsible for carrying a torch of excellence and fanning its flame - deserve our attention. It is why BDG selected the Boston Women’s Memorial as a backdrop to commemorate seven women who are creating a legacy of their own.

(摄影:Roger Pelissier)

——梅丽莎·布尼斯 波士顿石修复

Melissa Bunis,波士顿石头修复

自2006年起由Melissa和Paul Bunis共同拥有和经营, 波士顿石材修复专门从事维护, care for, and repair of stone in both residential and commercial settings. 高质量的工艺非常重要, as well as the education of clients on the material(s) of their choice. Technicians and staff are continuously trained in skills of the trade and current industry standards to ensure fantastic quality of work. Melissa serves as Vice President of Operations at 波士顿石修复, 利用她25年的管理和销售经验. She places her focus on high levels of customer support and satisfaction, 从项目的开始到结束.

Lea Mallegni - LeaMar行业

Lea Mallegni, LeaMar工业公司

As New England’s leading importer and wholesale distributor of hand-selected stone sourced from all around the world, LeaMar行业 can trace its generational roots back to Carrara, Italy, 他们在哪里也生产平板, 瓷砖和定制设计的部件. A family owned and operated company with a well experienced staff of stone professionals, 他们提供适合任何和所有项目的产品. Lea Mallegni is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and leader in the stone industry. Having accompanied her father Marcello to stone quarries in Carrara, 她的行业知识保证了质量. 被称为大理石女王, Lea努力挑选漂亮的石头, 并向客户介绍这些宝石的属性. She has also been a member of Women of Stone through the Natural Stone Institute of America for many years.

凯蒂·菲切拉和克里斯蒂娜·菲切拉 殖民大理石公司.

Katie Fichera, Christina Fichera, 殖民大理石公司.

殖民大理石公司. 是否正在庆祝他们的101周年庆! 拥有大量著名项目, 他们有很多值得骄傲的历史和成就. 他们从那段历史中汲取灵感, they’re also able to combine it with their strong desire for innovation and skill advancement. 今天,他们真正陶醉于定制项目的细节. In 2017, Christina Fichera took over the company, becoming both the owner and president. 克里斯蒂娜和她的妹妹, Katie, have achieved WBE (Women Business Enterprise) status together, 并且被官方认可为女性拥有的企业. Christina works collaboratively with Katie and their brother Jonathan, 运营主管, 监督公司的每一项运作.

安吉莉卡·多斯桑托斯 一流的大理石和花岗岩


上等大理石 & Granite was formed in 2011 and steadily grew into what it is today. 夫妻二人组, 里奥和安吉莉卡·多斯桑托斯, founded the company with nothing but basic equipment and a lot of personal sacrifice. 专注于优质的客户服务和产品, 他们把家族企业发展成今天的样子. Now, 使用最先进的技术, First Class is equipped and experienced in delivering high-end stone projects along with excellent customer service. Serving as CEO, Angelica credits God alone in her success, using her faith & 自学经营公司的技能. 365体育官网客户端公司的未来, she claims her faith and refers to Mark 9:23 - “everything is possible for the one who believes”.

Poliana莫拉 - 玛瑙、大理石和花岗岩


玛瑙、大理石和花岗岩, 由Poliana莫拉和她的丈夫Jose共同拥有和经营, has operated for two decades in the New England region’s stonework industry. Having completed many luxurious projects in both residential and commercial settings, the company sets its sights and prides itself on quick project turnaround time and a product collection featuring more than a hundred beautiful stone options. 波利安娜和整个玛瑙大理石 & Granite team are able to provide professional guidance and valuable education to clients on product selections. By instilling her hard-earned knowledge and expertise within the stone industry to the Onyx team, Poliana ensures that clients are aware that they can expect high quality stonework and complete satisfaction from their finished project.

卡洛塔·库比·曼德拉 Cumar

Carlotta Cubi Mandra, Cumar

Carlotta Cubi Mandra在Cumar公司开始了她的职业生涯. in 2004 prior to receiving her Business Degree from Northeastern University.  Carlotta knew that success within the sizable shadow cast by the 7 generations of Cubi’s that came before her would require earning her way into the stone business. 她通过自己的努力完成了生意的各个部分, learning, 在此过程中,她将自己的远见和商业头脑强加于人. 今天,她和她的父亲伊沃并肩工作, 作为公司的总裁, to maintain the legacy of the Cubi family whilst ensuring that the future of Cumar is as strong as its past.

大理石和花岗岩, 成立于1992年, 采用最先进的计算机设备, 熟练的工匠, and hand-selected stone for completion of both residential and commercial projects. Cumar的愿景, 工艺, and design and fabrication capabilities are unmatched in the luxury stone industry.