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Damage to your Stone? 3 Surfaces Get a Makeover

Boston Stone Restoration refines and polishes a marble kitchen island

Did your holiday festivities leave a mark on your surfaces and countertops? We all love a house full of family and friends, but we can do without the etch marks, scratches, nicks and ring marks that often accompany a great party. Don’t live with less-than-perfect surfaces beyond January; Boston Stone Restoration can return your countertops to their pre-merriment glory. Take a look at what they did for a soapstone countertop, the crowing jewel of a study’s wet bar and the marble of a kitchen island....

Soapstone Gets a Sealer

Damage removal on soapstone by Boston Stone Renovation; before and after

Soapstone, which is particularly porous, is prone to damage and the perfect candidate for a sealer. In the video below, Roberto Baez, a technician for Boston Stone Restoration, removes the damage and scratches, bringing back a bit of the surface's shine before applying a sealer.

Wet Bar Rehab

Boston Stone Restoration removes the etch marks on the stone of a wet bar.

Marble by Cumar

After the beauty of this Eramosa Vein cut of marble for an office wet bar was marred by glass marks, Boston Stone Restoration restored the polish and perfection to the alluring stone.

Marble Makeover

Scratch removal in a marble countertop by Boston Stone Restoration

While beautiful, marble can be high maintenance. Boston Stone Restoration has a patented protective coating—MORE AntiEtch coating—guaranteed not to etch or stain for 10 years. Ask for it by name!

Call Boston Stone Restoration at 781.793.0700 to request an estimate for your project.

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