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Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture

2 Mason Street
Cambridge, MA
P.O. Box 543
Woods Hole, MA
Company Profile: 


Based in Cape Cod and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture specializes in detailed design for private residences, commercial spaces and institutional clients.

The landscapes designed by Kimberly Mercurio resonate with the surrounding architecture and regional conditions. The team brings the highest level of professional service, offering a complete range of landscape architecture services, including master planning, permitting, historic design restoration, site-specific planting, ecological sustainability, project management and custom design of landscape structures.

As Featured In...

Sustainable garden of daylilies
Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture has mastered the art and science of creating gorgeous, sustainable gardens that are easy to maintain, work well with existing regional conditions, and, most importantly, have a positive impact on the environment. When a client requested to fill in an empty lot next to their Chatham home with a colorful garden that would bloom throughout the summer months...
Cape Cod Pool Barn
The moment homeowner/part-time designer Jill Morelli bought a salvaged soapstone sink from a Boston restoration store, she had a call to make. She phoned her husband to say, “I think we’re doing the barn, because I just bought the sink.” The two had been debating about whether to restore the barn on their Cape Cod property and turn it into a cool, multipurpose pool house/garage to accompany a...
Woodland landscape setting by LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects
While it’s true that petals have power, area landscape architects are also cultivating woodland and contemporary gardens that are devoid (or nearly devoid) of flowers. Instead, these high-end Boston and Cape Cod landscape professionals are using contrasting swaths of green, playing with the height and sway of natural grasses and shrubs, and making a statement with stone.    a Blade of Grass In...
outdoor design elements
Air. Fire. Water. Earth. These ancient elements have always held power, but they become all the more dynamic when combined with Cape Cod’s spectacular scenery. Builders, architects and landscape architects who inhabit the idyllic peninsula and its islands are harnessing their raw energy and aesthetic like never before. Here follows our ode to the elements, and to the trade professionals...